Original Indian Table has partnered with leading chefs, restaurants and hotels across India to curate and supply indigenous ingredients and recipes. We have curated a list of over 100 healthy indigenous products from farming communities all across the country which we offer to our partners in the hospitality industry. We regularly supply products such as Black Rice from West Bengal, Barnyard Millet and Timur from Uttarakhand, Millet grains, flour and flakes from Tamil Nadu, Buckwheat Flour and Black peas from Ladakh and many more to our partners, enabling them to serve locally grown and ethically sourced products to their customers.

 Please write to us at hello@originalindiantable.com for details on products and prices.


We strongly believe that the time has come to take uniquely Indian ingredients to the global consumer looking for a healthy and sustainable diet. We are working with international bulk buyers, distributors and retailers to take our products globally and are always looking for more like-minded partners to work with.

 Please write to us at hello@originalindiantable.com for details on products and prices.

Our Customers

Amaranth flour is produced by grinding seeds of the amaranth plant into a fine powder. The seeds used as grains, are referred to as pseudo-cereal and are superior to quinoa in protein.

Jimbu or Himalayan Chives are herbs that are used extensively as spices in the Himayalan region. They belong to the onion family, and are used after drying.

The Lakhori chilli is quite a well-known chilli variety even though there is little easily available information about it. It can add remarkable flavour to your culinary adventures!

The four varieties of sumptuous Rajma from the Munsiyari region are: Bhaisku Rajma or Buffalo kidney beans (purple), Munsiyari white and red Rajma and Jhumka or Namik Rajma (white round).